Composer Slam

The Composer Slam is a competition, which is inspired by the format of Poetry Slam. Several composers compete with each other in one evening. Each composer has a certain time frame in which he performs his self-made composition on stage. The special feature of the idea of the composer slam is the fact that the composers are both creators and performers of their works. The composer has to convince the audience not only through his piece per se, but also with his performance. The audience acts as the jury and selects the best composer of the evening.
Unlike its big brother, Poetry Slam and its spin-offs, such as the Singer Songwriter Slam and Rap Slam, you won't find any kind of text and words at a Composer Slam but only instrumental music.
There are no genres preferred or excluded as long as they comply with the rules described below. Therefore you'll see many composers with very different styles and instruments on stage. The most important rules of the Composer Slam are:
    1) The piece must be composed by the performer
    2) The composition must be performed ALONE by the composer himself
    3) Singing with text is not allowed
    4) There is a time limit

    Composer Slam - Trailer (only in german. sorry): 

    Inventor of the Composer Slam is Simon Kluth, who organizes and hosts Slams in many different cities throughout Germany. There are cooperations with festivals and orchestras such as the Music festival Heidelberger Frühling and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie.

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